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1.    Declutter in advance

It’s always best to start packing well in advance. In fact, it’s ideal if you can start packing up when you begin your new house hunt. This way, you can forget about the stress later on and instead begin to declutter and pack at the same time.

Sell any items of value that you don’t require to make a small profit and to offset some of the high costs of moving. Donate items to charity that aren’t worth selling but are still in good condition, and then recycle or bin the rest. This applies to everything, from clothes to knick-knacks. Streamline what you will bring to your new home.

2.    Create a packing plan

Create a packing plan by going through what you need to have available until the day of the move. Once you have that list, you can then work out how you intend to pack up your belongings. This can be by theme, by room, or by both.

For example, you might have general bathroom boxes, bedroom boxes and kitchen boxes or you might instead pack by object type, for example packing away all your towels and tea-towels in one box and bathroom toiletries, hand soaps and so on in another. When packing, you should try and keep boxes at a manageable weight and ensure that items won’t break through the box, so don’t pile them too high! The last thing you want is for your valuables to become damaged in the moving process.

3.    Label each box as you go

When packing up items in boxes, it’s very important that you label each box with its contents. This way, you won’t have to open every box right away and have your new home filled with items that don’t yet have a place to go. If you created a strategic enough packing plan, you should be able to unpack a few boxes and have everything you need to be comfortable whilst you unpack your belongings.

4.    Disassemble furniture

Not every piece of furniture can easily be taken apart, but the chances are you will have at least one or two items such as beds or wardrobes. Disassembling these items can make moving your furniture and belongings so much easier. You might also want to invest in movers blankets so that your furniture doesn’t get dented when it is disassembled.

5.    Have your children help you pack

If you have kids, it can be difficult to move to a new home, especially if they are worried about the change. You can improve this situation by asking them to help you pack. Have them declutter their own rooms and become involved and give them tasks disguised as games to help make the move fun.

6.    Hire professional movers

Once everything is boxed up and labelled, you are going to want to hire professional movers. This takes out the heavy lifting, saves your back, and means your furniture is in good hands as it is packed up and moved into your new property. This is particularly important for furniture you couldn’t disassemble into small pieces.

7.    Bring “First Night Boxes” with you

The last thing that you should pack are your “First Night Boxes”. These boxes should have clothes for a few days, towels, toiletries, bed linen, blankets, kitchen tools and utensils, such as a kettle, mugs, tea and coffee. Essentially anything you will need for the first few nights in your new home. Bring them with you in your own vehicle so that you can easily find them once all your other items are safely within your new home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

A smooth house move is one that is done well in advance. The last thing you want is to be scurrying about trying to pack everything away in a rush because your moving date is nearing, and you need to be out of the property in just a few days.

Decluttering for viewings is the perfect time to start packing and giving yourself that time means you can easily find items once you are in your new home, guaranteeing a stress-free move.

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